Balsamic Glaze IGP – by Fattoria Estense – 17 oz, 500 ML


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The Fattoria Estense line of aged balsamic vinegars is produced according to old family recipes passed down from generation to generation. The entire line adheres to all of the international standards set forth by the many and varied regulating agencies.


The grape must and vinegars begin their acidification process and are then stored in barrels made of various kinds of wood for their indispensable maturing and aging process. During this period of time, the vinegar absorbs from the woods, the typical bouquet of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The longer the vinegar is aged, the more complex it becomes.


Decocream Red Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. Glaze is a creamy dressing made with the same care and expertise applied to the other Fattoria products but serves a different purpose for visual presentations. Containing only concentrated grape must, balsamic vinegar of Modena (32%), sugar, and caramel it adds a unique flavor to steaks and pork roasts, as well as in salads and in various other food preparations.


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