Lemon Infused Olive Oil -by Calvi – 8.45 fl oz, 250 ML


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Calvi Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its delightful aroma, is ideal for dressing dishes of fish, grilled and meats and on fresh salads. The especially distinct taste gives a touch of color to even the simplest of dishes, such as a dish of white rice seasoned with parmasean. Perfect drizzled on risottos and pastas. Or try it as a basis for a cake!


Tasting Notes:
nThe finest quality extra virgin olive oil infused with lemon flavor. A little goes a long way with this oil. Comes with complementary pour spout.


Olio Calvi was founded in 1921 by Giuseppe and Paolo Calvi upon their return from the first world war. Born from olive growers in the Liguria region of northern Italy, the brothers came in to the business with a wealth of knowledge. What started as a company that only sold locally and to the surrounding regions of Piemonte and Lombardy soon grew in to a successful international export business. Fuelled by the emigrant Italians living in the Americas desire for oil, the company took to exporting extra virgin olive oils.


Today Olio Calvi is a thriving business run by the 3rd generation of the Calvi family creating high quality, quintessentially Italian, gourmet products.


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