Angel Hair Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta – by Mamma Isa Colacchio – 17.64 oz, 500 gr


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Traditional Italian bronze-cut pastas are slightly coarser than the usual—and are the best vehicles for a great sauce. The desired bronze-drying method employs a slow drying technique. This process keeps nutrients in and creates a rough texture to the pasta allowing the sauce to adhere. Closer to home-made, these pastas are typically very tasty.

Behind the traditional brand name of Colacchio Food there is a distinctive company. A typical Calabrian company which is able to blend traditional knowledge and techniques with technologiy and revolutionary production methods. Colacchio products come from an artisan tradition passed on from father to son, respecting values and culture of authentic workmenship that with Colacchio has not been lost with the passing of time.

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