Corbarini Cherry Tomatoes – by Coluccio – 14 oz, 400 gr


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The Corbarino is a very rare variety of tomatoes from the Monti Lattari area of Campania. Small and pear shaped, these tomatoes have a low acidity, so they produce a sauce that is sweet and juicy. Smaller in shape, these tomatoes make a perfect sauce for Angel Hair pasta or any pasta!


And a little bit of tomato trivia for you – according to the Associazione Verace Pizza, Corbarino tomatoes are one of just three tomato varieties (with San Marzano and Piennolo) that are permitted to be used to make the real authentic Pizza Napoletana.


Coluccio is a family business that produces many authentic and high quality products in Italy. They have been bringing their high-quality authentic Italian products to the NY metro area for over 50 years.