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Basil Pesto – with D.O.P. Basil from Genoa – Sm – by Coluccio – 6.35 oz, 180 gr


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This delicious nutty pesto is made with 30% DOP Genovese basil leaves. The basil, introduced by the Romans in the Mediterranean, was first cultivated in Genoa (the Liguria Region in Northern Italy) in the nineteenth century.

The environmental conditions of this area allowed them to grow a plant with characteristics impossible to found in other Italian regions. The climate, proximity to the sea, sun, ventilation and the attention the farmers give to basil grown here creates a small-medium sized green leaf, oval and convex, whose scent is delicate and sweet. It’s leaves contain essential oils that give its unique aroma and flavor. The small leaves of the young plant produce a uniquely fine flavor.

DOP Genoese basil is guaranteed by specifications controlled by Chambers of Commerce and labelled with 100% transparency. This guarantees place of origin and traceability of the producing company; quality in production techniques, specifications for traditional cultivation and packaging with only whole plants; and is carried out by the Chambers of Commerce.

There is no cheese in this pesto, it can be added. It will last a good amount of time in your refrigerator.