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Fiasconaro Panettone Nero Sublime: Modica Chocolate Drops Topped with Strawberry Jam


Topped with Modica chocolate drops, this very special and limited panettone has incredibly delicious strawberries purée filling. The cake comes with Fiasconaro’s Modica chocolate spread as well as Fiasconaro’s signature spreader knife. Hand wrapped in a beautiful gift box, this panettone is an ideal gift for anyone! It is no wonder that Fiasonaro panettone is one of the most desired holiday essentials.

One of the most well-known gourmet brands in Italy. The story of the Fiasconaro family began in a small town in Sicily, Castelbuono.  Started in 1953  Mario Fiasconaro turned his small ice-cream shop into a thriving confectionary and catering business

Thanks to the brilliant idea of his talented son, master confectioner Nicola, a Sicilian version of the most traditional cake of Northern Italy, the Panettone, was developed.  Each cake goes through a slow and progressive dough rising process that takes 36 hours. This sophisticated process ensures the quality and fragrance of the panettone. Nicola’s panettone have been reinvented and refreshed with fine artisan ingredients like Sicilian pistachios, gourmet chocolate, etc. Fiasconaro Panettone and confections have received world-wide acclaim. It is no wonder that Fiasonaro panettone is one of the most desired holiday essentials. .  The bakery remains in Castlebuono today and is visited by travelers around the world.


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