Frescolio New Harvest 2020/2021 Extra Virgin Olive Oil – by Frantoi Cutrera – 24.5 oz


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Comes with Sicilian oregano and sea salt herb pack. 27 FL oz

Frescolio New Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil lets you taste the flavor fresh from the mill in Sicily, Italy. Each olive is handpicked and pressed within 6 hours to maintain freshness.Full-bodied, rich, and enveloping taste with notes of fresh herbs, both spicy and bitter. Fresh, fruity, and very intense with notes of aromatic fresh herbs.

This EVOO is unfiltered and created using organic farming methods and cold extraction. It is a beautiful cloudy green color due to natural decantation. Each bottle is stamped with the production date and the “best by” date so you can rest assured you are getting fresh bottled olive oil.

Produced in the area of Chiaramonte Gulfi, north of Ragusa in southern Sicily, this olive oil has won a number of awards over the years. It is produced from Tonda Iblea cultivar and was declared the best olive oil in the world in 2010 by the FLos Olei guide and received the 2014 gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil Show. This is also a favorite of Mario Batali and was served at both Esca and Babbo. Cited as a favorite on page 141 of Mario Batali’s Molto Gusto.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a classic staple for many Mediterranean meals. Enjoy a bit of olive oil drizzled over a warm slice of bread seasoned with oregano and salt. Perfect on bruschetta, vegetable soups, grilled meat, stews, and casseroles. Enjoy the scents and flavors of the Mediterranean at home.

Since 1906 the Cutrera family have been cultivating olive groves in the southeast of Sicily. The family managed company is the most awarded Olive Oil producer in Italy.


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