CHRISTMAS ORDER APPETIZER – Antipasto Platter – approx 6+


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Only the finest products are included in our platter.

Fresh Salted Mozzarella in Water – 1 lb +

Red Cow Parmaggiano Reggiano– Only one thing could be better than Parmigiano Reggiano — Red Cow Parmigiano Reggiano. … It is higher in protein and butterfat and is aged longer than regular Parmigiano Reggiano. The Red Cow produces a third less of milk than the other breed, but it has a higher performance in the chesse-making process. 1/4 lb

Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro (aged for more than 24 months – red label) – Piave is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese named after a river by the same name. It is DOP protected and the only authentic Piave is produced in the Dolomites area of Belluno province of Veneto. Also called, Parmesan’s Cousin due to apparent similarities in flavour, Piave is a hard, cooked curd cheese sold at five different maturation periods. As a thumb’s rule, Piave is dense in texture without any open holes. 1/4 lb

Pecorino Toscano aged 24 mo – Pecorino Toscano DOP is produced with sheep’s milk from grazing lands in Tuscany, Italy and bordering areas. It has a golden rind, a firm texture, and a nutty flavor. It pairs particularly well with pears, figs, honey and jams. The best complement of this cheese is a good Tuscan red wine like a Chianti Classico, a Morellino di Scansano or a Brunello di Montalcino. ¼ lb

Soppressatta – Oui Chacuterie local dried sausage stick med hot- NO nitrates

Grilled Whole Stem Italian Artichokes in Oil – Delicious grilled whole stem artichokes 12 oz

Home-Marinated in Olive Oil and Herbs Sundried Tomatoes 8 oz

Sicilian Olives – 1/4 lb

Kalamata Olives – 1/4 lb

Taggiasca Olives – 1/4 lb – A small, fruity Italian olive from Liguria, Italy, the beloved Taggiasca olive (named for the village of its origin) is harvested both for table olives and olive oil. (see our Venturino Taggiasca olive oil). Soft and velvety, small but packing a fruity punch, Taggiasca olives are THE perfect snacking olive. Extremely low in acidity, their bittersweet pulp is bursting with fresh oil, and their colorful skin in shades of green, purple, and brown are a lovely addition to to this antipasto platter.

Coluccio Hot Pepper Jam -The contrast in taste of hot chili with sweet jam makes this a delicious accompaniment to cheese. A favorite and easy addition to any cheese plate.

Treccine Breadsticks – Olive and Onion or Aglio/Oglio/Peperoncino – Enjoy this traditional braided bread stick.. Colacchio is known for their delicious, high quality products and dedication to tradition and authenticity.