Busiate by Filippone Azienda Agricola – 100% Organic Sicilian Grain


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Busiate Busiate is a long, spiraled traditional, delicate pasta typical of the Trapani region in Sicily. This pasta is popular with pesto or seafood. If you travel to Western Sicily you will find it on the menu in nearly all the restaurants!
nThere are two theories about the origin of the name of this pasta. Some say it comes from the word ‘busa’, a very thin rod of disa grass that grows on arid and sandy soils. This grass rod was originally believed to be the ‘stick’ that was used to make this pasta. Others think the name comes from the term ‘buso’, a thin iron knitting needle which was used to work wool and cotton in Trapani.  Like other fresh pasta from the south of Italy, busiate is made from durum wheat flour and water only, no eggs.

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