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Segreto Degli Iblei Extra Virgin Basil infused Olive Oil – by Frantoi Cutrera – 0.25 liters


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Segreto olive oil is fragrant and smooth, with an unmistakable fresh taste. The secret of this olive oil is the sun and soil of the Iblei Mountains, which gives it fresh and intense aromas. ”Segreto Degli Iblei” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained exclusively from the local Sicilian olive variety. Since 1906 the Cutrera family have been cultivating olive groves in southeast of Sicily. The family managed company is the most awarded Olive Oil producer in Italy.

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  • Perfume -Fruity medium intense, with natural notes of Basil
  • Flavor/Aroma- Full-bodied, with a very balanced spicy bitterness, it has a taste and aroma of Basil
  • Use – Ideal for sautés, bruschetta, sauces, exceptional for preparing pasta ”garlic, oil and chilli” to be used with imagination on all dishes of Mediterranean cuisine