Egg Tagliatelle- by Spinosi – 8.8 oz, 250 gr


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Award-winning pasta mixed exclusively with whole fresh eggs. Vincenzo Spinosi has established the Spinosi name in the most prestigious restaurants and shops worldwide.
nSpinosi uses only the finest ingredients like premium orange-red yolked “super eggs” from chickens fed a diet high in Omega-3 rich sunflower seeds. Like all great quality pastas, they use a brass extraction dye and durum wheat semolina flour, much higher in protein and complex nutrients. Instead of being baked with a blast of heat over 140 degrees as they do in large pasta plants, Spinosi’s are fully dried very slowly at low temperatures for up to three days, often in darkened, temperature-controlled drying rooms. It takes more time and space, but helps the pasta retain more flavor, nutrients, and aroma from the wheat.

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