Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca Olive from Liguria – by Venturino – 25.4 fl oz, 750 ML


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Cutlivar Taggiasca, Liguria


The Taggiasca olive originally hails from the Liguria region in Italy. This is the most common olive of the Imperia province on the coast of Liguria. “Cultivar Taggiasca” extra virgin olive oil comes to life from secular olive groves in this region, owned for generations by the Venturino family. The olives are harvested following ancient methods of beating the olives out of the trees by hand, bringing them to the oil mill and pressed immediately within 24 hours. This process preserves the fragrance and aroma, as well as maintains important natural antioxydant and organoleptic characteristics.


This is a very smooth extra virgin olive oil. It is perfectly balanced, fresh, and fruity. It has aromas of citrus on the nose, a delicate taste with hints of butter, some artichoke, and a medium pepper. It can enhance the flavor of lighter foods such as seafood or vegetables, without overpowering their taste. Ideally served raw with salads, pasta and rice.


The bottle, wrapped with gold paper is not only lovely, but it is also useful protection from sunlight which causes oxidation. This oil is cold-pressed at a temperature lower than 27°C keeping in the fresh olive flavor, with an acidity level lower than 0,5%.


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