10 yr Traditional Balsamic Vinegar aged in wood barrel- by Fattoria Estense – 8.5 fl oz, 250 ML


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The 10 year balsamic from Fattoria Estense originates from the Gran Riserva cask at the farm in Modena, Italy. Wood barrel aged balsamic vinegar is made in the traditional method by multi-generational family owned Fattoria Estense. While many non-imported balsamic vinegars are made with carmel color, sugar, or flavoring, there are no additives in this recipe passed down between generations. Traditional methods ensure a distinct flavor and each year can differ slightly due to natural elements in the environment. The “secret” family recipe in this vinegar makes it very special.


Stored in an elegant glass bottle with a wooden/cork stopper. You will find this balsamic vinegar thinner than a more aged balsamic with a perfect final note of acidity. This balsamic is perfect salads, vegetables, dressings, etc. A great price point for the distinct flavor. This vinegar will definitely have you coming back for more.


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